Medical Evaluation and Consultation Services

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Moore Consulting Service, LLC works with law firms, insurance companies, and corporations to evaluate and translate medical records, define the extent of damage following physical injuries or possible medical malpractice, identify potential witnesses and defendants, and organize medical records for easy reference.


  • Screen or investigate medical cases for merit
  • Identify deviations from, and adherences to, the applicable standards of care
  • Assess the alleged damages and/or injuries
  • Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures, and other essential documents and tangible items
  • Summarize, paginate, translate, and interpret medical records for the case team
  • Identify and obtain the types of testifying experts needed
  • Develop written reports for use by the attorney as requested
  • Serve as liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, testifying experts, parties, witnesses, and other consultants. Communicate with expert witnesses for deposition and trial
  • Assist legal team in preparation of medical records exhibits
  • Coordinate and attend independent medical examinations
  • Develop life care plans
  • Provide nurse case management

We help with discovery, conduct medical research, establish medical standards of care, assist in identifying appropriate expert witnesses, and prepare summaries of records and other related reports as needed. We advise on case strengths and weaknesses, identify inconsistencies in the plaintiff's and/or defense's complaints, and evaluate the mechanisms of injuries.

Our experience includes case review of workers' compensation, medical and nursing malpractice claims, tort, product liability, wrongful death, elder care, criminal and personal injury cases, and medical records tampering.

Free Initial Consultations

Moore Consulting Service, LLC will meet you in person, by telephone, or via teleconference to discuss your case and determine the services required and fees to be applied. All consultations are strictly confidential.